North from London….

After a short day-stop in London, we were up early the next morning to catch a train up towards Nottinghamshire.

We snagged coffee and pastries at a local bakery first….Then a short taxi ride to Kings Cross station.

We were off north to visit friends/family. See back when I studied for a year at UEA, I was matched with a family further north for a home stay prior to the start of my first term. I got along well with my host family and would occasionally visit them on weekends during that academic year. Then when they were traveling through the eastern portion of the US, they stayed with my parents (who they had met back in the UK) as well as with me when in SF.

A quick stop at a posh flower stall and we then boarded our train north to Retford.

While in Nottinghamshire we had a lovely two days visiting. First a walk through a section of the nearby parkland that was once a colliery, and then we headed in to Southwell to see the Minster and have a spot of lunch.

That evening we headed to a local pub as it was quiz night. We did fairly well: placing in the top three.

The next day Mike and I had a solo-walk through another section of the nearby park.

One area of the park is very symmetrically planted stand of trees.

Then that afternoon we headed to Sherwood Forest. I’d been there once before but this time we did a much longer walk and this time Major Oak was in full foliage.

The next morning it was time to head back to London and then on to Paris….before heading to the station I snapped a pic of this afghan that I made and sent to them a long while back.

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