Vacation Part 2

The chimney was stripped, the pool leak repaired, the closet holes patched, the Murphy bed put together and quite a few smaller projects were completed while I was spending many hours under water down in Little Cayman, only part of my time away was spent in my happy place.

I booked a second leg to my vacation and headed north from Little Cayman to Long Boat Key where my parents were taking a month off from the Ohio Winter.

I spent a week with them during which time we visited Selby Gardens, the Ringling Museums, St Armand’s Circle and a few other places. Time was spent enjoying the beach, although the water was too cold for much swimming, and several games of Cribbage were played.

That reminds me, anyone know of a good online Cribbage app that allows player vs player games?

After many beach walks and lots of photo ops with the native birds it was time to wing my way home. I landed back in the Bay Area just as the sun had set.

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Cribbage can only be played with a physical deck of cards and a physical score board. How else can you cheat? And cheat I do.

Oh, he wouldn’t catch me cheating.

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