Steeling Ourselves: Part 3/3

The new steel ladders turned out better than we anticipated.  Here are some more pictures of them.

As you can see they go up, over the parapets and then down to the roof.


After the new ladders were in place, the crew removed the old ladder from the studio.  The holes left from it will get patched as part of the renovations currently underway for that building.


Then all that was left to do was to paint them.  We called in our trusty painter guy, and he arrived one day and painted both of them.

And finally the before and after shots.  We’re really very happy with the way this project turned out.  Not only do we have safer access up to the high roofs, but the ladders are totally to code.  The cages are the biggest improvement though, as now Agent Smith feels a tad more comfortable going up on the roofs.  I, on the other hand, am apparently part-squirrel–only not the kind we are currently experiencing a plague of (ground squirrels) as they’re just annoying but good for target practice.  I made sure I sent Steve from Swenson these pics as part of  “thank you” email.




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