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Aerial View of the Property

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I’ve posted some new videos I took last week up on our Photo Stream.

The first is taken at the main gate walking to the house yard and shows the old barn (so not fit for horses) and the front area of the house. The second is of the horrid dog kennel that is thankfully normally hidden from our view.  We will be eventually demolishing the roof of the structure and when we rebuild the yard fences we will do something a bit nicer with the area.

In other news, this week was a week of rain and delays.  The driveway was put off for a week as the poor guy who owns the company that is doing the work managed to tear his quad, and then the roof work was delayed due to the rain.  The good news is that I’m about to sign the septic contract so it will be should get done prior to our move-in.  If all goes well, I’ll be scheduling the movers for the last week of July.

Agent Smith is off at the races this weekend and I plan on heading down to work on demolishing the deck. It needs to go so we can replace the septic.  I have a pry bar, a cordless drill, work gloves and I know how to use them.

11-14-17 Edit:  The videos were re-edited and posted to YouTube as the photo stream is no more.

The Driveway
The Old Dog Kennel

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