One of the side effects of the recent rain has been an explosion of growth; from barren, horse-trampled, crumbling hillsides to…


I have no idea what, but tall and green and leafy. In case it’s not clear, in the shot above, I’m standing up on Dino’s footplates.


The respirator is a vital necessity, given the bugs and pollen.


Weed destruction is handled about evenly between the bucket breaking things, the wheels crushing them, and the 4′ rotary cutter out the back shredding the remains.

The exercise really vindicates Dino’s selection; I can’t imagine trying to drive on this terrain with the tiny front wheels of a ‘conventional’ tractor, or turning in the available area. Which means that come time to replace it with something that has, say, independent PTO, I’m going to be struggling for options.

One more factor adding to the fun – as you’ve seen, PAWDF isn’t flat. So you sort of have to guess where the ground is; you certainly can’t see it through the greenery…


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