Making the Great Room Great — Step Nine: Ambient Lighting

In addition to deleting the sconces in the great room, Agent Smith got creative and ordered some coloring changing strip lights from as well as some controllers. Unfortunately the first set of controllers had range issues as the space is big and the giant chimney column gets in the way. So a few months ago, after researching other options, he opted for some controllers from the Philips Hue suite. In addition to being able to control the lights from standard light switches, you can use the Philips Hue app to change the colors and intensity. Plus you can program a couple of “modes” that the wall switches can be used to activate. He setup four quadrants: each encompassing a quarter of the space with two upstairs and two downstairs.

Here are some short videos I shot last night of the lighting.

First turning it all on/dimming one or two of the quadrants and then on turning all but one of them off.

And lastly, here’s one showing how they can be changed to shine any color light you could want…

But wait there is more!

Agent Smith designed a way to get light out over the sitting area. He’ll copy the same approach for over the dining table once we settle on some sort of dangly light-weight fixture, plus we may replace the current disk fixture over the sitting area.

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