Off to Europe by way of London

We took a break from life here at the ranch during the summer of 2019 and jetted off to Europe for a a short trip. We flew in to London and spent an evening in the city. Back when I lived in the UK I usually stayed in Knightsbridge as that’s where one of better Hostels was located. This time, since our budget wasn’t so meager I decided it would be fun to stay near one of my favorite spots, Camden Market. (Agent Smith has not spent oodles of time in London or Europe and was more than happy for me to plan large portions of the trip.) As luck would have it, there’s a IHG located just across the canal and I was able to snag us a penthouse room — go membership points!

So once we arrived at Gatwick, we hopped the train into the city then located our hotel. After showers and coffee, we head down to the market. A bit of lunch and a bit of shopping then followed.

When I say penthouse…I really mean penthouse. Our room was on the top floor and had a balcony that overlooked the canal and Camden Lock.

The balcony….
panoramic view from the balcony

After a tasty dinner and some sake at the Sushi Salsa (which is just next door to the hotel) we collapsed into bed as we had to be up early to catch a train.

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