Agent Smith: International Man of Mystery

He met Stega when you could still poke strangers on Facebook.  He can’t tell you what he does for a living but it does not involve tractors or anything related to Ian Fleming.  Honest.

Stega:  COO and General Contractor. (Thump.)

Escaped corporate world after a series of seemingly random positions, a smattering of economic world turmoils and some truly horrible bosses.  Does stuff with computers, takes thousands of useless photos, plays video games, and makes strange and sometimes wonderful sounds.

The Feathered Terrors:  QA Leads

Usually referred to as The Boys:  they both enjoy Wheetbix and hanging out near us.

Tenar:  Good with tools and ready to assist.  Does not care for robots though.  Shouty if ignored too long but general well tempered–unless Agent Smith’s feet are nearby.
Thlayli:  Klutzy comedic relief especially when he tries to stand up to the robots.  Tendencies towards destruction–namely vinyl flooring and wood.

Minor Characters

The Previous Owners or POs:  The people we bought the house from.  They did very little to maintain things in the almost 30 years they lived here.  Although to be honest, the husband’s father bought the house and gave it to his son who apparently used it as a party house until he met the woman he married in the late 1990s.  His partying ways ended and they had a kid who apparently really liked dark purple.  Most of the issues we fix here at Purgatory are because they did so very little to take care of things.

The Doc:  He and his wife built the house in 1966 and lived here about 15 years with their three children.  As part of divorce settlement the Doc sold the compound to the father of the PO in the early to mid 1980s.  The house has pretty solid bones and a lot of nice touches for which we are grateful to the Doc.

Our Nearest Neighbor:  lives just a few hundred yards away as his driveway is off an easement on our land.  A nice guy who works primarily as a general contractor, he has a number of friendly dogs who love to visit us.

Our Second Nearest Neighbors: are fair distance off, as they are share the driveway off the easement on our land with our Nearest Neighbor.  You can just see their house if you walk from the north wing of the house out to the far north pasture.

Agent Smith’s Father (aka Old Smith): visits yearly for about a month to assist with projects and drive around heavy machinery.  His original idea for retirement was a cherry farm in South Australia.  He sold that off a few years ago and now contents himself with yearly visits here.


last updated 4/15/21

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