Small Things and Big Blinds

Last week I took down my giant ceramic Hello Kitty and it sits proudly in the butler pantry.

imageI also discovered that one of the blinds in the Great Room is broken.  Very annoying as when we looked at the house it was raised and no mention was made.  So I called 3Day Blinds to see about getting it repaired.  Sadly its so old that is not possible.  Not a terrible thing and the technicians who came out on the service call removed it and we will keep the other blinds so we can enjoy our view.

The previous owners were very adamant that the old window dressings were not going to be left with the house.  We considered that just fine as they weren’t really to our taste, but they did a crappy job of removing them and we have staples and nails scattered across the tops of all the windows.  Once we settle in, we will work on proper “window treatments”.  But right now, not a high priority.  Getting the septic sorted–now that’s something that must happen.