Locks, Alarms, Gates and Septic Woes

It’s been a busy few days as this past Friday we had all the doors re-keyed by professional locksmiths.  It took the two nice guys from Keystone Security over 5 hours to deal with all 27 doors at the house.  Yes, that’s twenty-seven doors that lock not counting a couple of low quality bedroom doors that you can unlock with a straight pin.  Doors range from exterior sliding doors to interior doors that separate the main bedroom wing from the areas for entertaining.  Plus, fun fact, we have a safe room, a wine room and more storage space then we know what to do with.  Neither of us are particularly pack-ratish so a lot of the kitchen cabinets and extra closets will probably be fairly empty for quite a long while.

In addition to the locks, I also spoke with the alarm company and have that almost sorted, plus AT&T came out to install our POTS line.  The lovely tech terminated the line to the jack/posts for the line that used to service the front gate (yes we have a large automatic gate at the end of the driveway) instead of the original main line to the house.  This means that I can pick up the phone in the house, dial some numbers and open the gate when visitors or contractors arrive.  Such a relief, as Friday when the locksmiths arrived, I had to drive the golf cart down to the gate to open it for them (and yes, we have a golf cart.)

About the only difficult item in my current task list is trying to sort out the septic woes. During the escrow period we had a slew of inspections of the property completed.  Everything checked out “ok” except for the septic tank which needs to be replaced.  Based upon what I’ve read, it’s going to be a lengthy process to get our system replaced and eventually upgraded to an OWTS.  Still, it could be worse.

Lastly, I have some nice little walk through videos I shot Friday. I’m waiting for the iCloud crap to upload them to the stream and my local machine so that I can include them on the site.