The list of crap we have to do….

So while the house is stable enough we need to tighten things up quite a bit.

The short list of starter projects:
Roof–New Foam
Well Tank–Replace
Septic Tank–Replace (Permit required!)
Plumbing–Kitchen sink pipe
Driveway–Repair and seal

At a later date:
Electrical–New Panel
Irrigation–Plot out what is where and address issues.
Fences–Replace/Repair all
Retaining Wall–Replace existing 300ft long wall (Permit required!)
Garage Drainage–build small wall
Patios and Exterior–part of retaining wall project
Fascia–part of retaining wall project
Large Barn–demolish (Permit required!)
Kennel –demolish roof
Pool Cover and Tiles–repair/replace

Interior issues:
Dining Room Floor–repair damage


And this is just the starter edition…we’er using project management software to keep track of everything, never-the-less, we will be open for visitors after September.

Oh, and now Agent Smith wants one of these: